Afghan Charity Events

Afghan Cultural Charity Event was organised by the founder of Ariana Magazine- Ariana Abawe and the founder of A&B Films Bizhan Neromand. We raised money for the less fortunate in Afghanistan so we can provide them with food packs with essentials. We also raised awareness about the situation in Afghanistan and paid tribute to those who lost their lives.  We also showcased Afghanistan’s rich history and culture because it is at stake of being extinct, and its being suppressed more than ever. We have to keep our culture alive.  We had the talented Afghan singers Tawab Jawed and Shabir Quraishi to showcase our rich musical heritage. Afghan fashion show by Mac Store London and Somy London to show the diverse and rich diversity in Afghanistan and the talented Afghan talented creatives we have. We had poetry which is a big part of the Afghan culture as a form of entertainment and communication, we had live Rubab Mujtaba Yaqub which is the national instrument of Afghanistan, we had amazing Suleiman Omar and Ziba Tabrizi performing the Afghan dance. We had a talented Attan group Arman Khan to showcase the national dance of Afghanistan to everyone. We had a charity auction and raffle where amazing companies generously donated items. Armo Cakes, VU Lounge, Cue Point London, Heriot Cakes, Attan Cosmetics, Veezha, Afgnstnco, Arthoughts, Number Plate Master, Estheticse, Sketchonfleek, Helen Saberi, Niko, Venture Photography. We had the successful businesswoman Diva Patang who gave a fantastic motivational speech which portrays how far Afghan women and the people of Afghanistan have come within the past decades. We had another guest speaker Sear Sadat talking about how we should be United more than ever. Thank you to everyone who attended, and took part for charity and thank you to all the volunteers on the day, and all the sponsors ponsors: Ace Delivery Solutions, Sears Accountants, Afghan Sarafi, Your Voice TV, Safaa Studio UK, Luxury Effects UK, Darya App, Milan Palace, Nero Services, GoTecNow, Mac Store London, The Palace T5.  Photo credits: Tamem Khuram T.K Visuals.Photo credits: T.K VisualsTawab JawedZiba TabriziDiva Patang