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Afghan proverb hoodie Unisex- 100% proft to charity

£22.00 - £30.99

Afghan proverb hoodie Unisex

بعد از هر تاریکی روشنایی است
Transliteration: Baad az har tarekee, roshanee ast.
English Translation: After every darkness is light.

For every purchase, 100% profits will be donated to help the less fortunate in Afghanistan with food packs with essentials during Ramadan.

If you're interested in having this design on a t-shirt, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help arrange it for you.

To ensure an impeccable fit, we recommend selecting one size larger than your standard size. Our size range includes:

XS- Length (69CM- Chest 52CM) UK Size 8
S - Length (69CM - Chest (54CM) UK Size 8/10
M - Length (72CM - Chest (56CM) UK Size- 12/14
L - Length (72CM - Chest (60CM) UK Size- 16
XL - Length (74CM - Chest (62CM) UK Size- 18
XXL - Length (74CM - Chest (64CM) UK Size- 20

Material: Cotton / Polyester
Garment Care: Machine Wash at 40 Degrees

If you would like a different coloured hoodie please add a note after you have made your order stating which colour hoodie you would like.

FREE UK DELIVERY. Tracked worldwide delivery.

No refund/exchanges.

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