How can I submit my work to be featured in the magazine?

If you want your work to be featured in the magazine and believe you fit into the aims of the magazine to showcase the beautiful side of Afghanistan, you can submit your artwork, stories, short stories, poems and much more. Contact me through the contact form or DM on Instagram: @Arianathejournalist There is no deadline for submissions, you will be contacted if your work is featured in the magazine.

Do you have someone you think should be featured in Ariana Magazine? Use the contact form and email who you think should be featured in Ariana Magazine and explain why.

Volunteer at Ariana Magazine today!

Why should I apply?

-Help show the beautiful side of Afghanistan to the world.

-Gain experience in a rapidly growing digital and print magazine.

-Learn specific skills related to the industry that you would like to get into.

-Have your work come to life

-There are a variety of roles available from writing, marketing, photography, video, interviewing and much more.

-Flexible, you put in however much time you can. 

How can I Apply?

If you would like to volunteer do email for more details.

In the email title it- Volunteer application

In the email write why you think  you would suit the role, why you want to volunteer with Ariana Magazine, what experience you have that makes you suitable volunteering at Ariana Magazine, what ideas you have for feature/articles, social media or projects.(Approx 150 word length).

After applying, you will be notified if you are right for the volunteering role, and you will also have a follow-up interview.