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Customer Reviews


"Outstanding. You really have done a nice job with the entire publication! I have not seen anything else like it!"

- Captain Edward Zellem, U.S. Navy (Retired)
"It looks great and I think it will be very interesting for many people. Ariana Magazine has catered for different tastes - music, poetry, fashio, writing etc., and food!"

- Helen
"It was a really great read, loads of interesting articles that really highlights afghan talent and accomplishments, also thought the recipes were a great idea! Overall such a great initiative, definitely will be purchasing the second issue when it comes out."

"Living in a westernized country, I sometimes feel distanced from my roots. As I was flipping through the magazine, it opened my eyes to so many Afghan individuals that are still in touch with theirs. It really helped me feel more rooted to my culture and I hope others get the same experience too ."

- Freshta
"The magazine is truly fantastic, extremely informative and I hope you have great success with it!  We love your messaging of platforming Afghan culture and ensuring that your readers can see the beauty of the country and vibrant culture."

- Afghanaid charity

"It was a really great read, loads of interesting articles that really highlights afghan talent and accomplishments, also thought the recipes were a great idea! Overall such a great initiative, definitely will be purchasing the second issue when it comes out."

- Shgoofa
"It looks great, so colourful and beautifully designed."
- Emma

"I love to receive Ariana Magazine in the mail! It does a great job of exploring the different sides of Afghanistan that the media doesn’t show you. It includes different categories and you are able to read about different topics from recipes, poetry, history and inspirational stories. I enjoy purchasing and will continue to support from California!”

 - Marwah

"The print quality is amazing for the price! It was really interesting to read about the Afghan culture, history and especially the refugee story! Overall it's a really informative magazine and it gives exposure to talented Afghans in a variety of fields. A lot of people on the outside view Afghanistan as a country filled with war but the magazine shows how the Afghan people are persevering through it."

- Biradeep

"Ariana Magazine is fabulous. The magazine is wonderful and complete, especially fro me who does not know much about Afghanistan. It is good that I know the important people of my country through this."

- Mostafa

"I really enjoyed reading Ariana Magazine! Especially because there was a segment for everyone! As a non-Afghan, I felt in-touch with the culture and I was able to image the struggles faced due to war. This magazine is something everyone should read because it encapsulated the beauty of Afghanistan and it's people!"

- Vithurna

"Despite its treasure-trove of rich culture and heritage for decades Afghanistan has been famous for war and growing poppies. It is refreshing to see that Ariana Magazine is focusing on the positive side of our country such as art, fashion, poetry and much more. The magazine is a must read for those who love and want to know more about our culture and people. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great work!

- Malina Ahmadi

"Ariana Jaan congratulations for the amazing magazine, it is very well written with full reference."

- Kamila @KuchiLuxury

"The Magazine was overall amazing, I really enjoyed reading and since it was the first magazine I read that had soo much information from someone who had experience living in Afghanistan and brought out some of the positive side of our Afghan Community. It was nice to know more about this amazing artists through this magazine."

- Rahmideh 

"Ariana Magazine was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the fact it included a wide range of topics allowing all the different types of audience to learn and relate to."

- Sirat

"Congratulations for the hard work! I like its size and the varity of contents you have picked for your first issue. Very well done."

- Kawoon Khamoosh

"Truly a beautiful and insightful read. The magazine has done an incredible job at capturing the rich culture of Afghanistan. Such an amazing initiative and I cannot wait for the second issue."

- Dhulashiya

"Ariana Magazine- not only filled with content that is inspiring, but equally visually pleasing to look at. Our community encompasses so much more than what is quick to make headlines and so this publication offers a great breath of fresh air for us all as we read up on some amazing stories and recognize the beauty, creativity and resilience that makes up our incredible community. Incredible work, looking forward to many more issues."

- Nadia Noori

"In terms of presentation, the magazine is very good, the paper is of good quality, the layout is clear and colourful. As for the subjects, they are varied and well chosen, it is very pleasant to read."

- Julien

"I really enjoyed the magazine because the stories in the magazine are short and interesting and I love the amazing cover of the first issue."
- Fahim Farooq

"I am happy that a politically neutral Afghan magazine has hit the market. Ariana Magazine depicts a wide range of topics"

"The magazine sheds light into spectacular stories and experiences of those who have been touched by Afghanistan and the afghan culture. A refreshing and pleasant read!
- Nahid

"To be honest I liked everything in the magazine- I just wanted more!"
- Sally

"Lots of interesting artciles and as always, so colourful."

- Charlie

"Today, I received my order of three sets of magzines. I must say magnificient piece of work. Truly incredible! The content, graphics and selection of various topics is selective, joyful to read."

- Awesta Wardak

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