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ISSUE 11 Ariana Magazine Printed Version


Issue 11 of Ariana Magazine.

This issue is dedicated to the powerful, strong, hard-working, courageous Afghan women. This issue features Sara Soroor daughter of Afghanistan's famous singer "HANGAMA' who is carrying on her legacy.

Robaba Mohammadi, won't let her disability stop her as she sketches with her mouth and advocates for the rights of Disabled people in Afghanistan.

Maryam Amarkhil built schools in remote Afghanistan areas and was the first in her village to gain a Master's degree.

Mahal Wak won a DVF and uses acting to highlight social issues in Afghanistan.

This issue features artwork, photography, poems, Afghan food recipe and much more. From each flip of the page, you will see another side of Afghanistan in contrast to the negative portrayal of the country.

Ariana Magazine is written in English and is available worldwide.

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